We stock a wide range of Fasteners and Fixings in Various Head Styles, Drives, Threads, Materials, Grades and Finishes:-

Heads:- Hexagon, Tee, Sq Sq, Cup Sq, Cap, C/sk, Button, Pan, Cheese, Rsd Csk, Fillister.
Drives:- Hexagon Socket Key, Pozidrive, Slotted, Torx, Pin Torx, Pin Hex, 2-hole, 6-Lob, Clutch, Oval, Tri, 6-Lob Pin, Snake Eye, Sentinel.

Metric, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, WHIT, BSF, BA, BSP.

Materials:- High Tensile Steel, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Nylon.

4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, 14.9 // 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

Finishes:- Zinc & Clear Pass, Zinc & Yellow Pass, Galvanised, Nickel Plated, Black Finish.
Thread Locking:- Wedgelock, Tuflock, Longlock.
Nuts:- Hexagon Full, Lock, Nyloc, Aerotight, Philidas, Clevloc, Binx, Tri 5, Stover, Wing, Dome, Pal, Mark V, Flange, Rivet Bushes.
Washers:- Flat, Spring, Double Coil, Shakeproof, Square, Mudguard, Belleville Disc, HSFG, L I, Taper, Crinkle, Starlok, Cup.
Screws:- Woodscrews, Self Tapping, Window Screws, Self Drill Screws.
Rivets:- Solid, Pop, Rivet Nuts.

500mm, 1mtr, 2mtr, 3mtr lengths // 1ft, 3ft, 6ft, 10ft lengths.

Studs:- Engineers, Combination, Fully Threaded.

Dowel, Spring Tension, Cotter Pins, taper, Extractable Dowels, Spirol, R Clips.


Rawlbolts, Socket Anchors, Wedge Anchors, Rawl Eye Bolts, Rawlock.
Rawlsheilds, Safety Plus Anchors, Through Bolts, Kemfast Capsules & Studs.
Kemfast Nozzles, Sleeves & Mesh, Epoxy Resin & Guns, Platerboard Fixing.
Plastic Plugs, Spring Toggles, Window Frame Fixing, Rawlnuts.


Round Wire, Oval brad, Angular Ring, Clout, Staples, tacks, Panel Pins.

Lifting & Clamping:- Eye Bolts, U Bolts, Hose Clips, Shaft Collars, Lindapter Fixings.
Roofing & Cladding:- Hook Bolts, Screw Nails, Selfdrill Screw, Bonded Washers, Sealer Washers & Caps, Roofing Bolts & Nuts.
  Unbrako Socket Screws & Products.
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